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New ERP System

Real-time Capable ERP System gives  punctuality to manufacturing delivery dates


If a company wants to be successful in their market, they have to fulfill certain conditions: The price should be market-conform, the quality should be high and the delivery date has to be adhered.

When Nieberding entered the Asian market in 2013, we invested into a real-time capable ERP System to ensure an on-schedule job processing, when there is a higher quantity of orders. Since end of 2014, the system is successfully running and is continuously improved. The ERP System makes it possible to display and control the production at any time if necessary.


Every department has its own terminals, where workers can log in and off from their operations. These terminals offer our workers the next operations through a software. Workers can summarize various orders of the same type, so set-up time and other costs can be saved. The ERP System gathers the position of the orders daily and reports deviations to the schedules.

A big advantage is the early detection of upcoming order shifts, which can be controlled and counteracted. The ERP System is perfectly adapted to Nieberding‘s requirements. Through data analyses, our project managers can always inform their customers about the current status of their order. By using integrated post calculation, the project costs are always transparent for all parties.

Important suppliers and internal stocks are selected through the software of the ERP System.

Further Expansion:

In 2016, our sales department shall be included into the ERP System, next to the logistics and purchasing department. This will increase the efficiency of our workers, because all relevant data can be handled in one system.

It is our aspiration to have an efficient tool when dealing with increasing project sizes and a complexity of them, so our customers can have an update about their projects every time they want to be sure that their orders are on time and still in their budget.

We can already notice that the cycle times of the projects are shorter. The  adherence to schedules frequently improves.

Nieberding took a great step into a modern integrated manufacturing by introducing a real-time capable ERP System.

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